Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh I Almost Forgot

To share my newly acquired knitting booty! I've done a little (lot) too much shopping at The Loopy Ewe. I'm actually waiting on the second order I placed with them in ONE week! After the super duper customer service and awesomely fast shipping of the first order, oh and a sale, I couldn't resist adding to my stash!

Quick Catch Up

The Boy and I had a most wonderful anniversary dinner at Inde Blue in Collingswood before Rich was whisked away on his vacation to go fishing in upstate NY for the week.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at his mom's house with his family. Sadly I wasn't thinking and didn't bring my camera to capture any of it.

I have been in full procrastination mode up until now with getting my holiday gifts done. Since the "OH no there are blank many days till X-Mas" fire has been lit under me. I've finished a pair and a half of socks, with one more pair to go, plus a hat and a pair of fingerless long mitts, oh and I have to finish quilting and binding the quilt for Dad. Thankfully I work well under pressure :)