Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I've been reading a lot of No Impact Man's blog, and have been wondering how much in my life is enough?? What more can I do to cut back and leave less environmental impact on the planet? Not to mention, what can I do more of to have a positive impact on the environment. Now mind you, I'm not at this point in my life willing to give up electricity, and given my current apartment dwelling situation, I can't exactly go solar. I'm also not ready to go sans toilet paper, but I'm sure there is more that I could do.

I've thought of some options, so far this is what I've come up with:
Recycle more, only buy things that can be recycled or reused. No excess packaging.
Remember my cloth bags, wherever I go.
Cut out things that are not necessary, and buy only the essentials for a while. When I do buy the essentials, be sure to find things that are more environmentally friendly.
Hit the library, rather than buying books.
Utilize Freecycle, and whatever I can't freecycle, drop off at Goodwill, or another charity.
Pick up litter around the apartment.
Walk more, for quick trips to local stores. ( I live in South Jersey, public transportation isn't really an option).
Cut out as many chemicals as possible.

I'm sure I'll think of more as time goes on, but I think for now these things will be a good start :o)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday 9/10

The day started out great enough, first day of college, English Comp doesn't seem that it will be too intensive. Then it all went downhill from there. Craig informed me 6 weeks before I'm supposed to move in, that "he loves me, but doesn't feel the same way I do about him" well at least not all the time. After 5 years of being better to him than anyone ever in my life, this is what I get. I'm sad, and angry, and depressed, and pretty much just crushed. It's like my heart and soul have been torn from me and stomped on. Oh and now I get to go to work, and try and behave like a "normal" person. Wish me luck.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Daily Something...

Each year, for the last 4 years on my Birthday, I've decided to learn something new. One year it was one stroke painting, one year knitting, etc. Since I'm already going back to school (that's learning enough for me right now). I've decided to move on my inspiration from Ali Edwards and her Daily Something group and make it my personal challenge to document something from my life each and every day (for at least the next 365 days). Because life isn't just the big things, it's a million little things. I'm sooo looking forward to documenting all the little things. I think it will be great to look back years from now and remember when!

All I can say right now, for today's daily something, is that work was LONG and busy. I've been cranky most of the day because my back has been on the verge of spasms for the past 3 days and I can't take muscle relaxers at work or I'll be loopy. (Loopy Andrea + making people's glasses = bad bad news). I have a bit of cleaning up to do tomorrow before I head out to Weight Watchers, so I'm off to bed!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Today is the first day after Labor Day (Also the day after Clytie's B-day, and I didn't call her...opps, will do today). In this part of my world, this is the day that NJ kiddo's go back to school. I haven't heard the glorious sounds of the school buses going by taking all the little hooligans in my complex back to school, but I could have slept through that, or spoke too soon.

I always had a love/hate relationship with the first day of school. I loved it because I loved all the shopping for new school supplies (still doooo, I get giddy at the mere thought of all the new notebooks, pens and pencils, oh my!) I hated it because my birthday was always the first week of going back to school, so happy B-day to me, look school. Makes me think it was more a gift to my parents to get me out of the house already :o)

Now at days before 35, I'll be going back to school again (my classes start 9/10 and 9/17) and I'm a wee bit nervous, but I don't think it's all really hit me yet. Since most of my class work is going to be online, I'll really have to work on my discipline. But I'm aware of my weaknesses in that area, and I'm sure everything will work out fine.

Craig has already started his worry wort ways about the move. He's never lived with anyone and is worried that after the fact we won't get along, and I'll leave. After 5 years with him, I know that he's not the one I can live with but don't want to live without. I keep assuring him that everything will be fine. I'm thinking about moving things up a little so he has less time to freak out about it. I just called and told him that for the next few weeks, we're going to break tradition, instead of him coming over here all the time, I'll go over there on Saturdays, and as the move gets closer, I'll start spending weekends over there so it won't be such a shock to him having his space invaded and all. Not to mention I'll be able to really plan out where I want everything in my craft room, and start moving things over.

I was a lil crafty this past weekend, I started work knitting my shall, and managed to get about 800 miles of fabric ironed and cut for this window seat, and got 1 of 4 pillows made.. not great, but it's a start. I'm off to work!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Not Much Going On

This has been a very uneventful week. Not much of anything out of the ordinary has happened. Well that's not completely true, I did have a bunch of wild Turkey's waddle through my backyard. (On several occasions no less) that's something I'd never have expected to see where I live. My allergies have me crazy. Craig keeps asking what I want for my birthday, and honestly I have no clue. I've continued to put off working on this window seat cover, not because I don't want to do it, but I'm dreading ironing all the yards and yards of fabric. (Note to self, Monday it WILL be done!). I started working on a knit shall for fall (y'all) last night. Pictures to follow eventually. I don't have anywhere to be until after 1 today, so I'm debating going back to bed and reading, or doing something somewhat productive. Like cleaning out my closets and getting rid of all the junk I have in there before I move. I guess I could start on the hall closet and see where that takes me... Hmmmpf.. okay off to work on that.