Monday, August 30, 2010

Holy Guacamole!

The days are slipping by so quickly this summer, I have no idea where the last few months have even gone!  Mind you it's been so miserably hot and humid this summer, I won't at all mind the cool, crisp fall weather once it finally arrives, but wow, times does indeed fly. So much has been happening, work (as usual, a 4 letter word), working on my business, spending time with Rich, and family and friends, planning our vacation (my first in 9 years), planning our move, whew! I feel like I haven't had any time to just sit and be.

With all the said, this past weekend was wonderful.  Rich's 40th Birthday was on Thursday 8/26. We had a lovely dinner out and just enjoyed spending time together. I made him a Fornicating Deer hat (that I have to re-work because the stranded knitting is a bit snug) and he was happy as a clam!  Over the weekend, we celebrated with his family, spend the whole day together, playing with the kids, eating homemade baked ziti and sampling delicious cakes for dessert.  One of these was a white cake with lemon mousse, then there was another that was red velvet cake and both a caramel and black sesame mousse.  We took the younger boys fishing at a small pond near Rich's house.  They did a great job and were so proud of all of the sun fish that they each caught.  Rich is so wonderful with these kids, you can clearly see how much they both adore him as well, it's all terribly sweet to witness.

The next few weeks are going to be equally as hectic, if not more.  The count down to vacation has begun.  Four more days of work for me after today then I'm off from work for 9 glorious days!  This will be a busy week however, as I have dyeing and tagging of yarn and fiber to get done to bring up to Jesh for NJS&W she's been kind enough to offer to be the pimp for Plays Well With Colors that weekend.  We have a Labor Day weekend BBQ planned with Rich's family, then I'll be packing for our trip to Portland, OR (YAY!!!!!) Once we're back from Portland, the following weekend, we've got to find an apartment, and from there on out I'll be packing and planning and repainting my apartment. The good news is that Rich has decided that he's okay with living very close to work, so our commute times will be next to nothing, that will save us both a fair amount of money in gas each month. I have a few places close by in mind to check out.  I'm SOOOO excited to get this move over with, and start the next chapter of our life together.