Sunday, March 30, 2008

Burned by My Beloved

Monday morning, not only did I wake up sick with the flu, I also woke up to my coffee pot leaking all over my kitchen counter. This is totally my fault, because when I set the pot up the night before I had forgotten to put the top onto the carafe. Unfortunately I didn't notice that it had leaked until the entire brew cycle had completed. So I clean up the mess all over the counter top, grab the coffee pot and went to dump the basket (still filled with supa dupa hot coffee) into the sink so that I could make more of my beloved coffee, and in the process, spilled said supa dupa hot coffee all over my right hand and wrist. Despite my attempt to cool the burn and head off any serious damage, I'm thinking I've got at least a second degree burn here. Things seemed to be healing up pretty well, until last night when I was doing some cleaning and had an itch on my hand, I rubbed it on something because I didn't want to scratch it while it was healing and a large patch of (ewwwwwwwwwww) dead skin came off, leaving me with a slightly more painful, shiny, angry red looking patch of fresh skin exposed. I'd share pictures, but they'd be yucky and no one wants to see The worst part of all of this is that I really didn't have much in the work department going on this weekend and since I'm now feeling mostly recuperated from the flu bug, I wanted to do some knitting, but I've got pretty limited mobility with this crispy fried hand of mine. Oh well, maybe I'll still tinker around and see what I can do.

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