Friday, December 19, 2008

Ding Gifts Are Done

So my goal this year was to hand make all of my holiday gifts. I think I did pretty well, I only purchased 2, count em 2 gifts. One was to go along with another handmade quilt for my Daddy-O and Clytie (I'll be sending them the store bought gift, and following up after the holidays with the quilt) and the other store bought number was for P-Dub, for the simple fact that I thought it would be more practical for him. I'll be picking up some bottles of wine for the Dr's I work with, then calling it a day. We are having our office party tonight, the Boy is coming, then we'll be spending the weekend together, probably taking care of most of his holiday shopping. I'm off to get my cleaning and laundry done, so that I can enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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