Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sort of Dissapointed With Myself

Earlier in the month, ok last month, I had these grandiose plans for things that i wanted to accomplish. Make some winter things, and some Valentine goodies for the shop, finish de-cluttering and reorganizing my apartment, finish fixing things up the way that I want them to be, etc. Now some of this takes extra money that i don't happen to have at the moment, and that's ok, those go on the long term goal list. But the other things are what's really getting to me.. I have had no energy or focus to concentrate on the things I really need/want to do, and have been wasting a ton of time getting lost in either trying to catch up on sleep, watching endless hours of dribble on TV, etc. My sleep schedule is and always has been horrible, I'm a night owl by nature and I feel like between that and my work schedule, something is catching up with me. I can't seem to make it on 5 hours of sleep anymore the way I used to. So I've started working on getting my sleep paterns back to normal, so that I'm getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, Valerian root, as stinky as you are, you're my friend. I'm hoping that between regulating my sleeping, and things getting sorted out and back to normal at work, I'll soon be able to really be back on track with everything that I'm wanting to do!

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