Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh Hello There

Hello Blog! It's been too long, and I've missed you so. There is so much that's gone on since my last real update, so here's the scoop, for those who are playing along :)

Dad was having more complications from his bypass in early July. He ended up being rushed to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio where they were able to use stents to repair the collapsing arteries from the bypass. Things were looking pretty grim there for a while, but thankfully he's doing much better and is now home and back to his usual mischievous self. I went out to WV to visit with him for a few days in July. I had a great time visiting with him, I brought the Midget along with me and she was incredibly well behaved.

On another note, the Boy's dad sadly isn't doing well at all. He's been battling cancer for several years and is now at the point where there isn't anything more that can be done for him. I keep trying to encourage the Boy to be sure he spends as much time with him now as he can, while his dad is still coherent, before the hospice and morphine poisoning sets in. I don't know if he's fully grasping how this is going to affect him, as he and his dad have had their issues over the years, but I have assured him that I'll be there for him when or what ever he needs during this time.

Now onto contemplations on future issues. I'm moving this fall, mostly because my apartment complex is giving me grief over Kinsey and her size, etc. They are also going to start charging (well not covering, is more accurate) for heat and hot water, that is now a covered part of my lease. Personally I've wanted to move for a while, but my life has been in limbo and it's been much easier for me to just stay here. I've been looking at apartments for a while now and am astounded by how much it costs to live in this over crowded, loud yet great garden state. Everything that is remotely close to what I have here is way more than I want to spend, so most of my options are smaller. Add in the places that will take a 40 plus pound dog and my selection is smaller as well. The place I went to look at today, is the smallest yet. In a highrise, a little more than half the size of my current apartment, no washer and dryer in the unit, but all the utilities are included, and it's much closer to work. I must admit I'm intrigued though. At first when I walked into the sample, I was a little stunned by how small it was, pretty much a small kitchen and bath, and a living room and bedroom. My first thoughts were that all of my crap will NOT fit in there. Then after thinking about it for a little while, my constant complaint with myself it that I have TOO much crap and that I really need to simplify my life, my things, my space. In a smaller apartment I would have no choice but to simplify and make the most of what I have. So I'm seriously considering the idea that sometimes less is more.

I'm going to grab a bowl of fruit loops, do a little reading and hit the hay! More to come soon! I promise!

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