Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Bit of Relaxation

This has been just a horrid, horrid week. I'm utterly exhausted and stressed, because somehow, with the rate of unemployment in NJ, I can't seem to find any one to even apply for the job openings I have at work. No less anyone remotely qualified. I'm taking off tomorrow, then have off Sunday (our office is closed on Sundays) but aside from that I have no idea when my next day off will be.

Today's high point was receiving a BEAUTIFUL handmade spindle from zebisisdesigns there was a wonderful sample of silk included too! I have never spun silk, but Ohhhh is it good! Spinning was my relaxation tonight!

Tomorrow I have a million and 53 things to get done, but I'm going to make sure and take at least a little time to pamper myself. Maybe if I can get all of my cleaning done early I'll go and get at least a manicure. Wish me luck!

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