Monday, October 19, 2009


It's cold! It's Fall! It's soooo exciting!

Hi Ya'll! A wee bit o catching up to do. Last weekend, Lala came up to visit for my late B-day weekend. We had a most delightful time, hitting the beach at night, sitting for an hour or so on the beach watching the moon rise, the planes fly over the bay, and the tide creep up on us. Talking, sharing, painting the same picture in our minds :) Sunday we somehow managed to dress in the same colors (go figure) and headed on over to SJPP Day at Cooper River Park. Hmmf, I don't know what exactly I was expecting. I mean it was better than 2 years ago when we went, but I was still sort of let down by the vendors offerings. I did manage to bring a tree of life pendant home with me though. On the way home to meet up with the Boy, we stopped at Woolplay where Lala pet all the purty yarns, and I picked up a ball of Skacel Zauberball Crazy in colorway 1699 . Oh teh pretty! I can't wait to knit something with this!

Once we got back, Lala had some time to taunt her feline nemesis Olive, then we had pizza with the Boy.

I've also made some serious progress (after having to re-knit the heel flap 3 times on the same sock) on my Noro socks. I don't know yet if I love the yarn, but I dooo lurve me the colors. I mean hello, it's Noro!

Work is still work...blahhhhhh I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the best. I'm off today, the Boy will be here later after work, so I have some cleaning to do and I'm feeling another big de-cluttering coming on. With any luck I'll have a whole complete sock to share later today!

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Laura said...

Wonderful re-cap! I love how you described our beachy time. And I love that Sunday we saw the exact Moon Rising painting as what we actually saw the night before at the beach. Perfect :-)
Fun way to celebrate your belated b-day my favorite fiend. BTW, I found an organic/natural purdy (is that with a P.U.?) yarns for you to come see and play with. YAY!

Love you Andrealoo!