Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello 2010

Hi all! I'm a little late in catching up with my holiday postings (go figure). I had the most fantabulous Christmas in a long long time. I managed to get all of my Holiday knitting done in time.. wheeew, it was CLOSE. Actually that's a lie, I still have to finish the sleeves for Rich so that his arms will be warm when he goes ice fishing. But he knew that would be after X-mas. Rich and Santa (his mom) were very good to me. I was honestly stunned by all of the loot I hauled out of his house. I got the slippers that I showed him over the summer that I loved, a super soft cushy robe, sheets and a new blanket, towels, candles, an electric griddle, a very cool thing for cleaning my car windows, girlie under, turkey lifters, oh and wee little ice picks that you wear around your neck when ice fishing so that if you fall in you can pull yourself out :) I know I'm forgetting something, but that's the bulk if it. I also got a cool video camera from Dad that I have yet to play with and figure out. All of the kids at Rich's were sick and sure enough I managed to get a cold too, in addition to the sinus infection that I was already plagued with. So I've been ill the past few days and in a nyquil induced stupor. Rich has a bit of a cold too, he's heading out again to travel all week for work, so I do hope he's feeling much better soon.

In this new year, I wish to continue with plans to simplify.. This will be the year of SIMPLIFICATION! So rather than doing what I usually do, and load up on whatever "shiney" thing makes me happy for that moment, I'm going to continue plowing through what I've got and purging, a lot of purging. I'm not talking living a total minimalist lifestyle, but not feeling physically and mentally cluttered by all of my things. Two cases in point. #1. My metric butt ton of Scrapbooking supplies nad #2. my fabric stash. I haven't touched my scrapbook things in oh gawd, probably over a year, with the exception of making a few cards, and even after clearing through it a few times I probably still have enough stuff that I could do a page a day for the next 5 years and still have paper left. My fabric stash, well, I still love everything I have (for the most part) but just don't have the sewing mojo right now. One day I'll do something with both of these stashes. But I will be going through both and getting rid of anything that I don't really love.

With that being said, I am getting myself a Merry Christmas to me, Ashford Spinning wheel, so that I can use some of the fiber I've accumulated in my stash and I also ordered myself a Kindle. Because if I didn't I fear that I'll just continue to add to my yarn stash, and while that's not a bad thing, but since my tastes grow and change over time, I don't want my yarn to become like my scrapbook supplies and my fabrics. I honestly have enough yarn and enough WIP's to get me through the next year knitting. And lets face it, being able to have 15,000 books on one tiny device, will save space for sure. And the good news is that there are a TON of free books for the Kindle that I've been wanting to read or re-read, mostly classics, but now I have an excuse to get them all!

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