Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Long Time No Bloggin'

I've been meaning to get here and do some blogging for weeks, the time's flown by and with one excuse after another, I've not been posting. My Lala seems to be MIA tonight so no yapping with her, I suppose my excuses have run out.

Some very exciting things have happened in the last few weeks. On 7/3 I had a long talk with Dad, he was working, so there was no Clytie in the background piping in every 2 seconds. It was sooo nice to just be able to talk to him alone. During our conversation we were talking about their wedding and how he doesn't want to get married in a church, because he's about as atheist as one can be. Soooo with that opening the door for me, I popped out of the broom/Pagan closet, and was replied to with "well shit, I coulda told you that long ago". Why is it that any time I have some concern about telling him something in my life, he's super cool and open about it?? Gotta say My DADDY ROCKS! On 7/14 I took the GED exam and passed with flying colors! I was way over prepared to say the least. I'm really excited to get registered for college classes in the next couple of weeks!

Laura was up this past weekend, we had a great time as always. Saturday, after Craig left, we went to Sun and Moon and stocked up on some goodies, then toodled about town. Had some late night crab cakes.. yummmm! And spend Sunday hanging home and checking out fabric at JoAnns. All in all, a fantabulous weekend.

Now I've got the crafty/creative bug! I've spent the better part of the last 2 days pouring over Ali Edwards and Elsie Flannigan's blogs in search of ideas and inspiration! Hopefully my mood will continue into the weekend when I've actually got some free time to work on somethings!

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