Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jumpin' Jehosephat?? And Other Things I Don't Understand

Okay, here's a question.. why Jehosephat, and why is he jumpin'? Second question for the evening, Why is it that my dear darling wonder dog Kinsey feels the need to munch on grass outside and promptly upon returning to the great indoors horf it up all over my freshly made bed? Now I fully understand why dogs eat grass, and that's all fine and good, but WHY throw it up on my bed, and no where else ever but my bed? Now lookie what I just found, should one of the cats horf up a furball, I can proudly display one of these numbers to warn any pedestrians of what they're about to step in.

My third and probably final question for the evening.. is more of a pondering really. So I just made a pot of vegan stuffed peppers (no animals were harmed in the stuffing of said peppers) I used Morning Star Farms Sausage Style Crumbles, and my favorite new whole grain Bulgur :o) I was wondering why a vegan would want to eat something that tastes like and reminds them of meat? I'm cool with the whole concept of no food with faces, I couldn't do it, but hats off to those of you who can. I just know for me, some types of meat just gross me out, and I can't even think about eating them, smelling them, etc. without dry heaving. So I suppose this whole concept just confuses me a wee bit. Speaking of wee things, I should really take my wee brain and go study some, just 4 more weeks till test time :o)

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