Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sooo Sleepy

Yet I still can't sleep. I've been tired and dragging my ass about all day from lack of decent sleep last night, and here I am up and awake again, though I would love nothing more than to fall into a deep sleep. Tuesday was a completely unproductive day. I didn't get much more than the minimum done at work, and even that was a challenge. I came home and got lost in TV watching rather than sinking into my ever growing pool of homework. I did make an attempt to crack the books for a little bit, then found myself as lost as I felt last week before my tutoring session. I saw one of my lens reps today, who will eventually be one of my optics teachers. He had recommended me to go the apprentice track rather than go for the degree, because all that really matters in the end is that I have a license. So now as I struggle along with Algebra, I'm wondering if that wouldn't be a terrible idea. I wonder if I could cram some extra OS classes in and get my certificate and license, then finish the rest of the courses afterward to get my degree. At least with my license, I'd make more money and school would be more affordable. I've just got way too much on my mind, and then I wonder why I can't sleep. I just feel lost and confused in many areas of my life right now. School, work, Craig, money, you name it, I'm just lost. I'm really looking forward to the extra day off this week for Thanksgiving to try and gather my thoughts and get things back on track. It's already 2:18 am, so I've been writing this for probably close to 45 minutes if not more because I keep getting distracted. Uhhhhg I really just want to sleep!

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Kathy Carr said...

Hope you finally got some sound sleep!!!