Friday, April 18, 2008

Procrastinating Yet Again

I don't know why I continually do this to myself, but it seems to be the way I work best. Putting absolutely everything off until the very last minute. Right now it's Friday night, almost 11:30 pm, I have 2 pretty hefty papers due by Monday and other than some light reading on the subjects of said papers, I haven't done a blasted thing. It's not like I've been so incredibly busy with other work, it's just that I'm a last minute burn the candle at both ends procrastinator extrordionare. This is actually a true story.. many years ago, before the internet was at my disposal, I called to order a tape from an infomercial to help me stop smoking, at the end of the call, the woman on the phone continues on with her sales pitch and says "Would you like to add the Stop Procrastination Now tape to your order?" My reply, I swear to god, "No, not right now!" Nuff said. So now I know that tomorrow when I get home from Sarah's B-day bash and all day Sunday I'll be cursing myself for putting all this off till the last minute, but dag nabit, those papers will be done and turned in on time. I suppose the only good point to all of this is once these are done, I've just got to show up for class 2 more times for some quizzes, then this semester is over :o) I'm really looking forward to having the summer off. And hoping that I can get some of my creative/crafty mojo back. I'd really love to create something, anything, soon.

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BunnyKissd said...

Ugh! That is one thing I do not miss about college... Of course, I'll be having to do it all again soon enough; I have to get my masters in 2 years or lose my teaching certification... D: