Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's been a while

I'm beginning to think I might be the worst blogger ever. I've been a grumpy camper as of late, my back is out yet again and being even remotely comfortable seems like just a dream. The only place I'm actually feeling somewhat alright is when I'm stuck in bed on my back on a heating pad. Not very practical for getting anything done that I wish to get done. This most recent pain in the back started last Sunday, so it's been 6 long days of discomfort, at least I'm somewhat mobile this go around. The only good part of being bed bound for so much of the day (whenever I haven't been at work) is that I've gotten plenty of reading in and have almost completed my second sock of my first pair of knitted socks ever. I have to work tomorrow then hang with the Boy for the rest of Saturday and Sunday. I'm hoping he's up for a very low key weekend, oh and maybe a massage. I'm off to Lather, rinse and hopefully sleep.

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