Sunday, April 19, 2009


I'm on day 3 of my decluttering adventure. So far I'm 3 huge trash bags of junk out to the dumpster and probably close to 2 large boxes of household goods and another bag of clothes to donate. While it's very obvious that I'm making progress, it doesn't quite feel like I am. I've learned some things in this process. First, if it's sitting there untouched for more than say a month (anything I want to hold onto because I can make this, that, or the other out of) I'm probably not going to do it, BE GONE WITH IT. Secondly, though I love my home to feel cozy and comfortable, and I adore the colors that I've painted it (living room a warm dark tan and deep basil green). The depth of color adds visual weight to the room, and it feels, to me at least, just as full, even though I've gotten rid of so much stuff. I think in my next home, (I'm moving in 6 months, so no I'm not painting again before I move) we'll work with the deeper, bolder color on an accent wall and keep the rest a little lighter. The Boy will be here soon, so I need to get a move on, and try to get rid of this sinus headache too!

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