Monday, October 11, 2010

Just Like The Jeffersons

We're movin' on up! Maybe not to a deeeelux apartment in the sky, but to a deeelux 2 bedroom town house right down the street from work! I've spent the last 11 years schlepping aprox. 15 miles to work, this in NJ is major pain in the ass.  There are perfect days, where it takes me just 25 or so minutes to complete this task.  Then, there are days where, well, not so much.  Should anything even drizzle fall from the sky, my commute is now up to at least 50 minutes, sometimes well over an hour.  I'm looking forward to switching that up to a 1.4 mile one way commute! Rich will make out even better in this deal, as he currently has a 50 mile one way commute.  Oh and YES we are going to be moving in together... this for me is HUGE people, HUGE! After the former jerk face boyfriend, I vowed that unless I could see myself with a person forever, I would be perfectly content to live by myself.  We spent this past weekend shopping for new furnishings for our future abode, and after a long trip to Ikea, we found some things that Rich liked enough to want to call his own :) So the count down has begun, this is the very last week ever that I'll be making the commute from this place to work, and I can NOT wait!

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