Friday, January 7, 2011

52 in 52 the 2011 Version

I have a metric ton of other things to blog about, and will.. all in due time my precious! However for the moment I'll talk about my plan for 52 in 52 for 2011.  In the last year I've lost a lot of my reading time to either knitting, watching TEE VEE, playing on teh intertubez or just plain being a lazy ass.  So this year I've decided that I'll tackle 52 books in as many weeks.  Now in the interest of full disclosure, all of these books may not actually be read, but listened to, as I can listen to books while knitting. And I'm planning on doing a lot more knitting this year as well.  Soooooo...

Book 1: Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell

I have been a rabid Cornwell fan in the past, however, the last several books in the Scarpetta series have been a huge disappointment. At least this is one that I listened to, for free no less from my library and didn't have to spend my hard earned money on it. Dear Ms. Cornwell, whilst I have the utmost respect for you and your accomplishments, I have to say, I think that this horse is dead, please stop beating it.

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