Saturday, January 3, 2009

But I'm Conserving Water

Yesterday I was getting ready to hop in the shower, I turned the faucet on, and pop goes my shower head.. off to the store for a new one. The Boy decided that this was fix it weekend, and tended to some other projects as well. Back to the shower head. I love, I mean really, truly LOOOOVE my showers, hot and steamy, with enough water pressure to blast off anything that might be lingering. My new shower head, though it's pretty groovy, a hand held model, with a few bells and whistles (bathtime for Kinsey just got easier with the handled option) is a water conserving model. While I'm thrilled to bits about that, I'm feeling like I have to dance around in the shower to get wet and washed.. It still does a through job, just not the sort of pressure washing that I'm accustomed to.. Oh well, I just keep telling myself as I do a jig around my tub.. I'm condserving water.

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