Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well Helllllo Tuesday

Ok, so maybe it's Tuesday night, but Hello!! I've been a bit out of sorts as of late. I don't know what it is, maybe the change in my schedule at work, maybe the short days of winter are getting to me, but I'm TIRED! Rich is in Vegas this week for work, so I'm missing him. It's snowing here, but just a little bit.. what I wouldn't give for a blizzard, so that I could be snowed in and spend time crossing things off my to do list. Right now my never ending list consists mainly of more decluttering, organizing, knitting, crocheting (for myself and the shop), reading, cooking up some goodies and catching up on my back log of Netflix movies.

The good news is that Dad is doing well, he's getting fussy with not being able to really do anything, but he's feeling better! I'm terribly happy about that. Also in good news, we have 2 new hires at work, so I'm hoping that they both work out and things can get back to normal around there.. (that means I'll have my old schedule back..Schweet).

Well I'm off to get the coffee ready for morning and hit the hay.. another night without following through on my other plans...blarg...

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