Friday, January 4, 2008

2 Down

So far on my list of resolutions, I've gotten 2 . The first, I've not had a cigarette since 1:00 am 1/2/08. And second thing down, I actually finished something I started. My not smoking has me knitting with abandon. I'm finishing up Craig's scarf and I finished my very first knitted hat. YAY ME! My next project...dun dun dun... I'm going to take on sock knitting. Wish me luck with that. I've got to get the scarf done first before I'll allow myself to cast on for the socks. Since I'm practically drooling over the beautirific sock yarn I bought last week, I'm hoping to finish up this scarf today. I've taken tomorrow off, whooo hooo not too many Saturdays off in my life. In hopes to finish painting my apartment, but I'm stuck on the color for my kitchen, I'm between several options. So for now my paint chips are all taped to my wall and I keep glancing at them to see what strikes me. In the meantime, Here's my cute little hat (and me of course) notice the matching scarf, uh-huh, I've been busy.


Abby said...

I love the hat a scarf! Great colors. Congrats on not smoking!

Andrea said...

Thanks Abby!