Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've Been Punctured

So.. a few weeks ago I got this idea in my head that I HAD to get my nose pierced. Usually when my inner voice tells me I should do something (and is persistent, no I'm not crazy, and don't actually hear I do what I'm told. I took some time and put it off for a while, since this is the first thing I've had done that is not by invitation only, my tattoo's and other piercing is hidden from the world for the most part, unless I want someone to see them. Since I work in a somewhat conservative field, I really wanted to give it some thought. I ran the idea by one of my boss's a few weeks ago, and he insisted if I was going to do it, I get a proper bone in my nose (jackass), I didn't even mention it to the other Dr, because I'm sure he'd have something to say about it, so honestly I'm hoping to slip it by him when he's having a moment of cerebral flatulence. So today was the big day!!! Craig and I went over to the studio after a late lunch, I am stunned he actually came with me, he only hemmed and hawed about the people at the studio little bit while we were waiting, though we both agreed the piercer was cool. Craig is rather conservative, and quite opinionated, so I made him promise before we got there not to utter the word freak until after we were out of the building and back in my car. Knowing this, I'm actually quite shocked that he was cool about my getting this done. I got the whole happy nervous adrenaline rush of butterflies while waiting (I so love that feeling before any piercing or tattoo's, ok so maybe I am a little off). We made our way back to the piercing room, went over the whole procedure, aftercare, etc. and not but 2 minutes later I was walking out the door the proud owner of a new nose piercing. Now here are my thoughts on why I NEEDED to get this done. Even though I'm working my way through school to get my opticians license, I've always had the desire to do something independent and creative for a living, but lets face it, I've got bills to pay, and I'm not in love with the idea of being a starving/hobo artist. So for me this piercing is my way of keeping what I truly want in perspective. Finding a way to combine my 2 loves, my career in the optical world, and my creativity. I have been newly inspired by some ideas for my future. And this is my everyday, visual reminder, to keep my eye on the prize and work towards making my dreams come true. Oh I also got to see Nicole today :o) I've missed her so, since she's moved to South Carolina. And got my fan-freakin'-tabulous new glasses today. They scream dork, but I love them so!!! It's been a good day all around. Now if only I could get used to blowing my nose with this little bugger (I said bugger not Booger), I'd be set.

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Abby said...

I like it! It looks very pretty and I like the glases too.