Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008

Ok, so here's where I'm supposed to write down all my new year, new me resolutions and whatnot. I suppose that mine are the same as so many other people out there, lose weight, get healthy, quit smoking, get organized, get out of debt, figure out what the hell to do with my relationship with Craig, etc. A part of me feels like that saying these things is just really scratching the surface. I mean anyone can say they're going to do something, and start with the very best of intentions, however actually digging in and getting these things accomplished are quite often more difficult. I think that this year in order to actually succeed with what I have on my resolution list, I actually need to sit down and work out a very detailed plan as to how I'm going to approach each of these issues, something that will make them more attainable, rather than jump in with both feet. So my only immediate resolution is to create a game plan for the other resolutions to follow :o) See, simple, easy step.

When I look back at how much I accomplished in 2007, I'm really quite amazed and inspired by myself. Even though I didn't manage to complete what I had originally set out to do, (hence the same resolutions this year) I did make some pretty big changes. I have become much more green, and aware of my personal impact on the environment. I've cut out almost all of the chemicals I was using in my home and on my person, opting for more natural and greener products. I've stopped using paper towels for cleaning, going for microfiber cleaning cloths. I've switched over most of my light bulbs to compact florescent bulbs. I've been diligent about recycling and picking up litter around the complex when I'm out on walks with Kinsey. I've made an effort to buy less and reuse/re purpose more. On a personal level, I've gotten to the point in my relationship with Craig that if he doesn't get his issues together and worked out, that I'm ready to move on. I've not been able to say this until now, but I do know that I'll be alright without him if that's what needs to happen. The biggest thing I accomplished in 2007 was getting my GED and going back to school. I never ever would have thought at the start of last year that I would be doing that. But I'm happy with my decision to do it, and my actually doing it. I'm also thrilled to bits that I got a B in Algebra :o)

The rest of my plans for my resolutions will follow as I work out how I'm actually going to tackle these issues. In the meantime, I'm going to make the most of the rest of my evening off before heading back to the grind tomorrow.

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