Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rib-it, Rib-it

Nooo not like ribbed for her pleasure. More like frogged for his pleasure. I was really just about an hour away from finishing Craig's simple garter stitch scarf, and decided that even though it was nice, it didn't do justice to the YUMMY yarn I'm making it from. So I sat and just started ripping, quick like a band-aid, watching all my work unravel and get wound back into a ball to start from scratch.

On another note this not smoking/detox thing sucks ass. I feel worse right now than I ever felt smoking. And this has probably been physically the worst quit I've ever gone through. Usually I feel fine, just go a little mental. This time, I've not gone crazy in the head, but my entire body is out of whack.

I'm off to find a pattern that I'll be happy with, and get to knitting this scarf all over again!

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