Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ack, I'm Sick, and Other Rantings

So I was minding my own business and out of nowhere, blammo, I'm SICK!!!! Not even a good sick, but a yucky stuffy, all I want to do is sleep sick. Bahhh! I tried my best to get by on just nyquil and sudafed, but that didn't work (though thank you for your suggestion sexy Dr. man). So at 3:30 am I got out of bed after tossing and turning, because each and every time I would get settled in one place, my entire head would stuff up and I was left laying there like a 4 year old mouth breather. So I got my sad sorry ass out of bed and went in search of a 24 hour pharmacy. Let me 'splain a little to you about living in South Jersey. This used to be the land of every and anything you might need open 24 hours is/was within spitting distance. Well now so much anymore. I got out of bed, threw on some clothes (yeah now I look like a hobo chicken lady) and hopped in the car. Hmmm gas tank's on E, better stop for gas. First I'm outraged at the fact that $20 just gets me a little over a quarter tank of gas, and secondly, I'm peeved that in this state I can't pump my own gas. I mean come on people, just because I'm from Jersey and a girl, doesn't mean I can't be trusted to fuel up the road pig. I actually can work one of those new fangled gas pump thing-a-majigs. I feel as though I should at least be given the option, rather than be forced to sit and wait... and wait some more for the gas person to come and service me. These are valuable moments of my life that I will never ever get back! I suppose I was really more irate because I was just unable to breathe through my nose. Hmmmpf, ok, so I've got gas in the car, off to the 24 hour Walgreens to raid their OTC cold and flu section. WTF??? They're closed!!! Hellooooooo when did this happen. I had to toodle along for another 5 miles to find an open CVS. Now I'm looking like a flustered, mouth breathing homeless person. I raid the cold and flu isle like a swashbuckling pirate, and leave the store with my bag of loot. Which includes the forbidden by my Dr. (Love you Dr. K, but I gotta do what I gotta do, and I promise I won't make it a habit) Vicks Ultra Fine Mist, nasal spray. I scurry to my car, bust out the nasal spray and ahhhhh 2 minutes later and I can breathe again.
Now moving on to the back to school ranting. English, no problem, not worried one single bit about that, my Algebra class however... That's another story. To me MATH is a 4 letter word, and I like to avoid it at all costs. I'm not stupid by any means, but me and numbers or formulas or equations, well we just don't get along. My synapses in that part of my brain just don't fire as rapidly as they should. I walk into class on my first day, and shortly thereafter walks in my professor, well, there was a switch up in the teaching department, the professor I was supposed to have is no longer teaching this class. Satan incarnate is. The very first thing he said was that if we have any questions about the material, not to ask, because all that means is we shouldn't be in his class.. JACKASS. This is NOT going to be enjoyable. And it's the only time I can actually take the class. Uhhhg. Who knew Satan was a short, fat, bald, Jewish guy from NY, with a voice like Joe Pesci on helium in any of the Lethal Weapon movies, and a problem with nose blowing, making some god awful clucking throat noise, and uhmm spittle. Please remind me to sit far, far away from the front of the class. Now I'm going to try and sleep for an hour before I get to go back to work!

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