Sunday, August 19, 2007

So far today...

Today has been another one of those few and far between yet oh so perfect days. I woke up early, after being up pretty late last night. Had my required morning cups of coffee (3 to be exact)
and went about scrapping.

I ended up making a little ham for dinner with some mac-n-cheese. It was such an awesome day, quiet, rainy, cool. While the ham cooked, I spent the afternoon sitting in complete silence, out on my patio, reading Eat, Pray, Love Wonderful book, I highly recommend it! I did have a sad moment in my day, well actually during this past week. One night I came home from work and had Kinsey out for our evening walk, when I got to the side of my building, I found that the landscapers had taken down a bunch of the trees on the side of my building. I have no idea why, they were perfectly healthy, not too close to the building. It just made me sad. So I took some pictures of the remains, and plan to scrap them later tonight or tomorrow.

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