Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday Morning Silence

I woke up way earlier than planned this morning. I had hopes of sleeping in until at least 9 or 10. But at 7am my eyes popped open (with a little help from Kinsey nudging me to go out) and I'm so glad that they did. It's a glorious morning here in NJ! In the midst of August and sweltering heat, we have a gorgeous morning. The sun is shining, the sky is clear, the temperatures are cool. I have my windows wide open, fans going, taking in as much cool fresh air as possible before it heats up again outside. Kinsey's out back as I type, with her nose in the air chasing bugs, waiting for the little Pomeranian next door to come out and play with her. I'm here with my big old cup-o-joe, listening to nothing but the sound of the fan whirling, the clock ticking and nature outside my door. Truly Lovely! Every day should start like this!

I have big plans for being crafty today. My plans started last night, on the way home I stopped at JoAnn's and picked up some cotton canvas fabric (Inspired by Lala's trip here last weekend). I got some really cool, quite happy fabric to make bags with. Started mine last night, just have to finish sewing the lining in :o) It makes me so happy when I look at these!

Other things that have my all sorts of joyous right now are
Butterflies, because they always make me happy!
of course! I'm just in LOVE with this little pip of a car!! The Toyota Yaris! And the fact that I should be getting my camera on Tuesday!! Can't wait!

After today, life will go on as usual. I'll have to start studying again, because yesterday I received my acceptance letter from the College for the fall semester in the Ophthalmic Science program! I'll be going on Monday 8/13 to take the placement tests :O) I'm off to enjoy today!

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Kathy Carr said...

We just bought a red Yaris and Love it!!!